Kendo - We Built A Robot (Panda Bear Cover)

Alright, so I might be the worst music blogger ever, but here I am back again making another go at it.  This time, of course, to shamelessly promote myself.  Awww… and you thought this was altruistic.  Anyway, here is my cover of Panda Bear’s “We Built A Robot” from his 1995 self-titled debut album.  It was the first Animal Collective related release, and I stand by it as one of the best regardless of the lack of production quality and finish.  Originally, the song was a sparse, lo-fi casio jam with an intriguingly eerie atmosphere.  The concept behind my cover was to keep the atmosphere, but take the exact opposite approach in production.  So, I Kendofied it.  Check out the stream, and make sure to download it if you like it.

Kendo - We Built A Robot (Panda Bear Cover) by Kendotronic


Kendo - We Built A Robot (Panda Bear Cover)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask
Com Truise Brings The Galactic Melt

Galactic Melt, the forthcoming debut album from New York based producer / designer Seth Haley under the moniker Com Truise, is a synth-laden, bass heavy joyride.  Although there are some production similarities between the album and his previously released Cyanide Sisters EP, the feel and sound of the album is decidedly more aggressive, raw, and funkier than any of his previous work.  The whole thing sounds like a down-tempo version Daft Punk’s Homework from 1986.

Com Truise - VHS Sex

Com Truise - Flightwave

Com Truise - Brokendate

Com Truise - Glawio

The Resurrection…

Sorry guys, been dead for a month.  Crazy story.  Anyway, I’m alive again now.  Here’s a sweet remix.  It’ll probably make you want to dance.

Coupons - Driving to Your House Party (Xinobi Remix)

Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon

The new single from the Denmark house duo Kenton Slash Demon is making the blog rounds, and I’ve got to say that this track continues to up my already high expectation for a debut album.  Just watch the video, and I guarantee you will want this track.  It’s real, by the way.  No computers.

Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon

Air - Run (Kendo Remix)

Posted this a while back, but I’m sure a lot of you missed it so I’m posting it again.  This is my remix of Air’s “Run” off of their 2004 album Talkie Walkie.  As a huge fan of the track and the album, this is probably my favorite thing I’ve done thus far in remixes.  Check out my french-house inspired take.

Air - Run (Kendo Remix)

Indie + Minimal 3

KENDO PRESENTS INDIE + MINIMAL 3 (Air, Pheonix, Architecture In Helsinki, James Blake, & More!) by Kendotronic


1) Air / Simian Mobile Disco - Biological / Nerve Salad
2) Phoenix / Gaetano & Schorr - If I Ever Feel Better / Simple As It Is (Original Mix)
3) Architecture In Helsinki / Gui Boratto - Contact High / Chains
4) Patrick Wolf / Audion - Time Of My Life / Look At The Moon
5) James Blake / Nick Hoeppner - Measurements / ISP

Kendo - Indie + Minimal 3

Here We Go Magic - The January EP

Luke Temple and company are back with an excellent 6 track EP.  Lush arrangements, great instrumental work, and a psychedelic synthetic touch make this, like the rest of the band’s work, a compelling listen.  The January EP was produced by Jen Turner and recorded live to analog tape in a band-built living room studio.  Since none of this stuff is up on youtube yet, I’ll post one of my favorites from their debut album.

Here We Go Magic - Tulip

Here We Go Magic - Hands In The Sky

Here We Go Magic - Song In Three

Here We Go Magic - Hollywood

Here We Go Magic - Backwards Time

Here We Go Magic - Mirror Me

Justice - Civilization & SebastiAn - Embody
Marc Leclair is back

French Canadian micro-house master Marc Leclair (AKA Akufen) is back after a 6 year long silence with a new digital 12”.  Released by the German based label Haunt under his moniker Horror Inc, this 3 track EP is some of the best tech house I’ve heard in a long time.  I’m posting the A1 and B1 tracks “Aurore” and “Dans La Nuit”.  If you get into this stuff at all (and I know it’s pretty out there for most of you), you will not be disappointed by this long overdue effort.

Horror Inc. - Aurore

Horror Inc. - Dans La Nuit